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Atelier dk is an innovative, design-led practice built on relationships. We are a friendly, open-minded team of architects & designers whose work is inspired by people, culture and nature. We co-create useful places, taking every opportunity to add beauty along the way.  Specializing in luxury high-end residential developments, commercial spaces & institutions we have created stunning modern designs. Our imaginative designers and energetic studio have a proven track record for bringing ambitious and appropriate designs through to successful realisation. Whatever the project – big or small, bold or sensitive – we answer your brief without ever losing sight of your practical, budgetary or commercial needs or wants.

Our Services

Whatever good things we build end up building us



Atelier dk provides a tailored, turn-key solution to its clients’ construction needs. We take the project from the initial design stage right through to completion and its handover, after which, we can also offer facilities management solutions, so our customer knows they are in safe hands. 

We provide comprehensive civil, mechanical and electrical services, from the initial consultation through completion. Our dedicated on-site managers ensure that our customers’ requirements are met down to the last detail, and that the highest of standards are retained throughout the project.  We have an excellent reputation in each and every sector in which we work, and are justifiably proud of our highly qualified management team who strive for improvement across all aspects of the business.

Architecture is the thoughtful making of space



On most of our projects, we provide full Architectural service throughout all building construction stages, from inception to completion. Sometimes we may be asked to limit our involvement to the early stages of the project or, alternatively, take it over at an advanced stage.

No matter how big or small is the job and its budget, we would always aim to design it to the highest standard. As architects, we see ourselves responsible for the quality of people’s living environment. Working with private clients, we regard them as our co-authors, whom we help to create a space where they can feel at home and be in harmony with their surroundings.

At Atelier, we enjoy working within physical, budgetary and cultural limitations, finding that the most interesting creative solutions originate from the most challenging constraint

Each new situation requires a new architecture


At all stages of the project, we would act as the Lead Consultant, coordinating design input of the other members of the design team. At the beginning of the job, we would help the Client put together the Technical brief, outlining the requirements to the project. This service is typically included in our base fee.

We direct the work of the Design Team and is the main point of contact for communication and direction between the Client and the consultant team. This role will often see Atelier dk engaging a multi-disciplinary team of external and in-house consultants, including architects and specialist engineers, under the direction of our dedicated project lead.

Atelier dk has a full range of in-house skills, experience, and competencies to undertake this role on the most technically challenging of engineering based projects. 

The future of architecture is culture


Where required, we can help the Client manage the project, or do it on their behalf. We would prepare a detailed project program, monitor it and report to the Client on the progress. Project risks would be identified and managed. If and when issues arise, we would advise the Client as early as possible and suggest mitigation measures. Together with the Cost Consultant (QS) we would help the Client control and manage the project costs.

At the beginning of the project, we can help the Client put together the professional team – engineers, surveyors etc. We would suggest 2-3 suitable candidates, issue the briefs, run mini-tenders, give our recommendations and assist with the appointments. In the course of the project, we would advise the Client on the Consultants’ performance and their applications for payment. When the design is ready, we would organise a tender and assist the Client in appointing the Main and other sub-Contractors. 

Architecture, for when engineering is just not enough


Offering Architecture and Interiors as one package makes a lot of sense, particularly where the design is an integral part of a minimalist contemporary space. On the practical side, it dramatically improves coordination and provides significant cost saving as a lot of duplicate work can be avoided. We often collaborate with Interior Designers and have developed great working relationship with many leading local and international studios. However, on some projects we do the design ourselves, and have accumulated substantial in-house expertise in this area.

Optionally, we can help select the loose furniture, art and decorative items, and procure them on behalf of the Client. As a professional practice, we have access to significant trade discounts, which we are happy to share with our Clients.

From Concept to Better Living


 At Atelier dk, we offer 3D perspectives of projects we design at nominal fee. 3D perspectives are used to bridge the gap in understanding between architects, clients, and builders. If we don’t communicate the design properly, it will be misinterpreted by the builder and misunderstood by the client. 3D Visualization is a concept that represents the various aspects of a building in a livelier and cost-effective manner.  

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About the Team

Ar. Dinesh Karunakaran B.Arch., MBA

Principal Architect 

Dinesh formed Atelier DK in 2012. He has been responsible for the creative direction of the practice since its inception. After graduating from Collage of Architecture in Kolhapur, Dinesh worked briefly with leading architects in Goa, Mumbai & Ahmedabad and moved to Doha to pursue his career in Architecture. His international design practice has developed his portfolio from an initial focus on Commercial buildings & Restaurants towards a wide variety of projects, all of which demonstrate its overarching objective of putting the user’s experience of space, light and materials at the forefront of the agenda, as well as creating places that sensitively respond to their cultural, social and physical context.

Later in 2000, he moved to Dubai, the place considered to be an architect’s playground. Dinesh was actively involved with the strategic design development of the many projects in Dubai. His work has been shaped by his passionate belief in the integration of art and architecture. Throughout his career he has championed the importance of the arts within our life style, campaigning for greater focus on interdisciplinary thinking. 


Er. S. Balakrishnan, M.Tech.

Associate Structural Engineer


Over 20 years of experience in local construction industry, Balakrishnan strives to maintain a high level of quality in its services and aims to be the trend setter in the industry through innovation and excellence in engineering. He has been Structural Engineer for many prestigious projects across south India. He recognizes the importance of robust technical design without sacrificing aesthetics. His solutions are tailored to meet each specific project needs, while at the same time maintaining a sensitivity to the environment and governing regulations.

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